Quiet Light: landscape photography by Julian Barkway http://www.quiet-light.com Large format landscape photography Image 'Duck Pond' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180510001.jpg" alt="Duck Pond" /></a><p>This little pond goes under the prosaic name of 'Baigne aux Canards' or 'Duck Pond'. Such a dull name belies its beauty and fascination. A little piece of the Everglades in Switzerland.</p> Image 'Fallen Branches' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180510003.jpg" alt="Fallen Branches" /></a><p>I liked the juxtaposition of life and death - the dead branches and the new leaves - and searched for a composition which harmonised these two themes.</p> Image 'Forest Light' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=15; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=15;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB1805297481.jpg" alt="Forest Light" /></a><p>Blue sky and bright sunlight makes for difficult conditions when one is trying to photograph forests. The challenge here was to make the best of the poor light by using it to my advantage.</p> Image 'Floating' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180530001.jpg" alt="Floating" /></a><p>This little pond goes under the prosaic name of 'Baigne aux Canards' or 'Duck Pond'. Such a dull name belies its beauty and fascination. This rather odd 'island' with its small clump of trees drew me to this otherworldly scene.</p> Image 'Le Lac Vert' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180530002.jpg" alt="Le Lac Vert" /></a><p>I first photographed these dead branches in March where the skeletal forms gave the image a very different mood. Spring foliage, however, brings life and vibrant colour to this scene.</p> Image 'Fallen Oak' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=30; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=30;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180530003.jpg" alt="Fallen Oak" /></a><p>Its rare to come across such a complete fallen oak. What made it all rather strange was the lack of an identifiable stump - either on the shore or visible under the surface. How did it get there?</p> Image 'Stand of Birches' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=35; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=35;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180530005.jpg" alt="Stand of Birches" /></a><p>I was attracted to the lichen-mottled trunks of these birches but I was having trouble finding a workable composition. Then I decided to ignore all the so-called rules about photographing trees and point the camera at the ground. The resulting forced perspective, selective focus and patch of brighter light make for a much more interesting picture.</p> Image 'Bois de Chènes - Le Lac Vert' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180330002.jpg" alt="Bois de Chènes - Le Lac Vert" /></a><p>It may be called 'le Lac Vert' but it isn't green and it's more of a pond than a lake since it is not fed by a stream or river and therefore dries up completely in warm weather. </br></br> The overgrown brush in the middle of the pond appealed to me somehow and I set about finding some order in the disorder, using a partially submerged tree-branch to contrast with the chaos.</p> Image 'Bois de Chènes - Le Lac Vert' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180330003.jpg" alt="Bois de Chènes - Le Lac Vert" /></a><p>It may be called 'le Lac Vert' but it isn't green and it's more of a pond than a lake since it is not fed by a stream or river and therefore dries up completely in warm weather. </br></br> I liked the starkness of the fallen tree and branches.</p> Image 'Bois de Chènes - Le Marais Plat' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180330004.jpg" alt="Bois de Chènes - Le Marais Plat" /></a><p>This atmospheric area of woodland near Lake Geneva contains several meadows and, at the edge of one such field, I found this small marshy area. </br></br> As I was setting up, it came on to rain, intensifying as I went through the slow process of making an image on my view camera. Undaunted, I felt the inclement weather would add an extra element to the image.</p> Image 'Bois de Chènes - La Baigne aux Chevaux' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180402004.jpg" alt="Bois de Chènes - La Baigne aux Chevaux" /></a><p>I found this small detail in another pond in this fascinating woodland area near Lake Geneva. Dubbed the 'horse-washing pond', it was generally unremarkable except for this patch of reeds at one end. </p> Image 'La Paysage Jurasienne' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=70; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=70;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB1803317392.jpg" alt="La Paysage Jurasienne" /></a><p>A typical agricultural landscape on the Jura Plateau. I was lucky enough to be there on a day when the weather was changing. The day before I battled through snow and rain yet it was around 15°C as I set up for this image.</p> Image 'Nearing the Cave of the Counterfeiters' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=75; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=75;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB1804017419.jpg" alt="Nearing the Cave of the Counterfeiters" /></a><p>The entrance to the Cave of the Counterfeiters can be reached via metal stairs behind the large outcrop on the right of this image. </br></br> I liked how the mossy trees played off against the shape of the outcrop making it look like a giant fish moving amongst a forest of seaweed. </p> Image 'Le Pontet' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=80; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=80;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB1804017428.jpg" alt="Le Pontet" /></a><p>The Pontet is a short river that begins its life deep in the limestone cliff, exploding out from a small cave and flowing a turbulent 200m to its confluence with the Loue.</p> Image 'Le Pontet (detail)' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=85; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=85;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB1804017436.jpg" alt="Le Pontet (detail)" /></a><p>The Pontet is a short but turbulent river, deep in the heart of the Gorges de Nouailles. I spent a while exploring the patterns made by the water as it crashed over the boulders in its path. </p> Image 'La Petite Camargue' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=90; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=90;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180402001.jpg" alt="La Petite Camargue" /></a><p>La Petite Camargue, like its big sister in the south of France, is an area of richly varied and protected wetland. Whilst the real Camargue covers the delta of the Rhône, this is just a small offshoot of the river Rhine as it turns north, forming the border between Germany and France. Although rather lacking in the semi-wild horses and flamingoes of its more famous counterpart, La Petite Camargue does have storks and many other waterfowl. </br></br> This is a wider view of one of the many ponds to be found here.</p> Image 'La Petite Camargue (detail)' added to gallery 'New Work' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=95; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=1,photo=95;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB180402003.jpg" alt="La Petite Camargue (detail)" /></a><p>La Petite Camargue, like its big sister in the south of France, is an area of richly varied and protected wetland. Whilst the real Camargue covers the delta of the Rhône, this is just a small offshoot of the river Rhine as it turns north, forming the border between Germany and France. Although rather lacking in the semi-wild horses and flamingoes of its more famous counterpart, La Petite Camargue does have storks and many other waterfowl. </br></br> It also provides the opportunity to make fascinating details such as this.</p> Image 'Ruisseau de Bonneille' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=1; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=1;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160327001.jpg" alt="Ruisseau de Bonneille" /></a><p>I have made several visits to this intriguing (and hard to reach) stream in the French Jura and it has always yielded interesting images. This is a little tufa cascade, festooned with fallen mossy trees.</p> Image 'Ruisseau de Bonneille' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=2; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=2;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160327003.jpg" alt="Ruisseau de Bonneille" /></a><p>I have made several visits to this intriguing (and hard to reach) stream in the French Jura and it has always yielded interesting images.</p> Image 'Cascade de Baumes-les-Messieurs' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=3; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=3;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160506001.jpg" alt="Cascade de Baumes-les-Messieurs" /></a><p>Another location that I have visited many times down the years yet which always seems to have something new to offer.</p> Image 'Tufa cascade' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=4; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=4;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160506004.jpg" alt="Tufa cascade" /></a><p>This extraordinary tufa formation is tucked away up an old farm track with no sign to mark it. If you didn't know about it beforehand, you would almost certainly drive on by and miss it.</p> Image 'Beech and Larch' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161025005.jpg" alt="Beech and Larch" /></a><p>A stand of beeches in the foreground with larches behind providing a golden glow to set the composition off nicely.</p> Image 'Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (exterior)' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=6; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=6;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161030017.jpg" alt="Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (exterior)" /></a><p>Part of the southern Tuscany 'tourist trail', certainly, but deservedly so. This simple abbey has a pared-down beauty with its austere Romanesque architecture and this means it is another well-photographed location. I wanted to make a slightly unusual image which combines the abbey, the large cypress growing beside it and the surrounding countryside with its vineyards. Not an easy task, by any means.</p> Image 'Abandoned Farm Building ' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=7; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=7;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161031020.jpg" alt="Abandoned Farm Building " /></a><p>Many old farmhouses and barns have been 'gentrified' and are now used as holiday homes - we stayed in one such - but there are still old, abandoned farmhouses to be found. They are intriguing places, full of atmosphere.</p> Image 'Trees in the Mist with Windmill' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=8; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=8;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161102002.jpg" alt="Trees in the Mist with Windmill" /></a><p>This was found a short walk from the converted farmhouse in which we were staying. A rare dawn outing for me.</p> Image 'Overgrown Almond Grove' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=9; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=9;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104007.jpg" alt="Overgrown Almond Grove" /></a><p>I loved this overgrown almond grove, with its gnarled trees in regimented rows like an army of old soldiers.</p> Image 'Sentinel' added to gallery 'Featured Images' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=2,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104008.jpg" alt="Sentinel" /></a><p>A lone cypress stands on a ridge near San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany.</p> Image 'Gorges du Doubs' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140421001.jpg" alt="Gorges du Doubs" /></a><p>A favourite place of mine, in the shadow of the hydro-electric plant at La Goule. This is the smallest of the three to be found in the Doubs gorge system. </p> Image 'Autumn at La Goule - 1' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001002.jpg" alt="Autumn at La Goule - 1" /></a><p>A day of intermittent light rain provided the perfect conditions for this dramatic image of the gorge below the dam at La Goule. </p> Image 'Autumn at La Goule' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=15; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=15;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001005.jpg" alt="Autumn at La Goule" /></a><p>At La Goule, the river has been dammed to provide electricity and the resulting reservoir provides a stretch of quiet water, in stark contrast to the wilder parts of the gorge further upstream. </p> Image 'Spring greens' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080501001.jpg" alt="Spring greens" /></a><p>It was the sole flowering tree which drew me to this scene. After that, it was just a matter of arranging the shapes, colours and general chaos of nature into an interesting composition. </p> Image 'Echelles du Mort' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110425003.jpg" alt="Echelles du Mort" /></a><p>I got here just as the golden morning light was turning to the harsh light of midday and I was lucky to capture this while the light was still good.</p> Image 'Les Échelles du Mort' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=30; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=30;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001007.jpg" alt="Les Échelles du Mort" /></a><p>The name of this section of the gorge means 'ladders of death' and refers to the via ferrata which allows suitably equipped climbers to negotiate the sheer cliffs by means of ladders and steel cables attached to the rock. Not being a climber, my interests lay with the river and the fine display of Autumn colours around it. </p> Image 'Les Échelles du Mort' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=35; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=35;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090801001.jpg" alt="Les Échelles du Mort" /></a><p>I am hoping to visit this location again later in the year. It is a section of the gorge that I have so far not explored, due in no small part to the difficulty of access. However, there is much to see and photograph in this wilder and more rugged part of the river. </p> Image 'Les Échelles du Mort' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=40; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=40;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090801002.jpg" alt="Les Échelles du Mort" /></a><p>My previous images from this exceptionally beautiful gorge concentrated on the areas where dams hold back the torrent to create placid lakes. At this point, downstream of the dam at Biaufond, the river is in its natural state - raw and powerful. </p> Image 'Snow Boat' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=45; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=45;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090201002.jpg" alt="Snow Boat" /></a><p>The tiny hamlet of Biaufond sits right on the frontier between France and Switzerland. Consisting of not much more than a handful of houses and a small restaurant catering to fishermen and other visitors, it is serviced by a narrow road running along the side of this reservoir and on up to the Swiss rim of the gorge. The elegant steel bridge depicted here is actually the frontier crossing, marked by the border post just visible on the Swiss side (to the left). Switzerland recently signed up to be a part of the Schengen open-borders zone and the frontier is now little more than a mere geo-political convenience. <br /><br /> I arrived in conditions of intermittent snowfall and immediately felt this quiet scene, with its brooding sky and light covering of snow, had a melancholy aspect that I was keen to capture - despite the light, which was far from having that special quality for which landscape photographers fervently hope. </p> Image 'La Ronde' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101001.jpg" alt="La Ronde" /></a><p>Near Biaufond can be found this algae and weed infested backwater, the confluence of the La Ronde river and the Doubs. However, the Ronde only gets as far as the Doubs during times when the water-table is exceptionally high. At other times, it simply ends in a small lake where it disappears into the porous rock. </p> Image 'Ice and tree branch' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090201001.jpg" alt="Ice and tree branch" /></a><p>This shallow backwater of the river Doubs, near Biaufond, is a place to which I keep returning. It is a fascinating stretch of water which offers subjects in all seasons. I was previously there in Autumn when the trees put on a rich display of colour. In Winter, the shades are more muted but no less appealing. <br /><br /> I was attracted by the way the ice had formed around this low-hanging branch and felt the larger area of ice covering the pond might make for an intriguing background. </p> Image 'Maison Monsieur' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101002.jpg" alt="Maison Monsieur" /></a><p>I previously photographed this delightful little summer house in the depths of Winter, when the gorge shows a different face. For this image, I walked a little further along the river and found a composition that nicely shows off the building and its spectacular setting. <br /><br /> Doubtless I shall be returning again... </p> Image 'Summer House' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=62; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=62;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB170415001.jpg" alt="Summer House" /></a><p>I return often to this little summer house at Maison Monsieur in the Gorges du Doubs, its elegant and symmetrical shape is irresistible.</p> Image 'Autumn foliage' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101028003.jpg" alt="Autumn foliage" /></a><p>Autumn colour lights up the Gorges du Doubs.</p> Image 'Winter in the Gorges du Doubs - 2' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=70; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=70;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100320003.jpg" alt="Winter in the Gorges du Doubs - 2" /></a><p>One of the things that keeps bringing me back to this location on the Franco-Swiss border, apart from its obvious beauty, is the sense of timelessness here. A short hike from the busy border-crossing at Biaufond and all you hear is birdsong. Apart from the occasional ruined building hinting at the gorge's working past, there is no indication that you are barely a couple of kilometres from civilisation. <br /><br /> In this image, and the one which precedes it, I wanted to evoke the profound sense of serenity in this part of the gorge. </p> Image 'Winter in the Gorges du Doubs - 1' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=75; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=75;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100320002.jpg" alt="Winter in the Gorges du Doubs - 1" /></a><p>One of the things that keeps bringing me back to this location on the Franco-Swiss border, apart from its obvious beauty, is the sense of timelessness here. A short hike from the busy border-crossing at Biaufond and all you hear is birdsong. Apart from the occasional ruined building hinting at the gorge's working past, there is no indication that you are barely a couple of kilometres from civilisation. <br /><br /> In this image, and the one which follows, I wanted to evoke the profound sense of serenity in this part of the gorge. </p> Image 'Gorges du Doubs' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=80; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=80;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110424004.jpg" alt="Gorges du Doubs" /></a><p>The view downstream with Switzerland on the right and France on the left.</p> Image 'Beech saplings' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=85; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=85;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111030007.jpg" alt="Beech saplings" /></a><p>I really enjoy discovering patterns in the essential randomness of nature and so it was with these beech seedlings. What intrigued me was the juxtaposition of old and young leaves.</p> Image 'Forges du Pissoux' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=90; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=90;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101028004.jpg" alt="Forges du Pissoux" /></a><p>This part of the gorge is quite difficult to reach, involving a hike from the rim down a steep path, a wade across the river and then negotiating a dense boulder-field of slippery rocks. It was worth it, though. </p> Image 'Descent into chaos' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=95; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=95;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101028006.jpg" alt="Descent into chaos" /></a><p>Smooth, glassy water suddenly becomes a foaming mass of white water at these rapids, formed partly from the ruins of one of the many forges and mills which dotted the gorge between the sixteenth century and the coming of steam in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.</p> Image 'Fragile' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100522005.jpg" alt="Fragile" /></a><p>I wanted to show the fragility of life in this environment so I was pleased to find these flowers growing on a boulder in the shadow of an undercut cliff. The composition was chosen deliberately to emphasise the oppressive presence of the cliff-face.</p> Image 'Above the river' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111030014.jpg" alt="Above the river" /></a><p>One of the paths down into the Gorges du Doubs takes you past this little store of firewood and the house to which it belongs. As I walked by, the owner was busily collecting water from a nearby spring - presumably a house with no vehicle access also has none of the modern facilities we take for granted. The man appeared too busy to chat and, besides, my French wasn't really up to the task so I said a cheery "bonjour!" and walked on... </p> Image 'Le Châtelot' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110712047.jpg" alt="Le Châtelot" /></a><p>Photographing this marvellous river gorge is starting to become an obsession yet I keep on being drawn back, finding new locations each time. <br /><br /> This image was made towards the end of a day when 30° temperatures and an all-over blue sky made for horrendous conditions - for photography! I knew a front was moving in and was lucky that the cloud-cover softened the harsh sunlight enough to make for some flattering light. <br /><br /> Thunder was rumbling around the sky as I took this so my final idea for an image that day had to remain unrealised. Having neglected to carry any rainwear down into the gorge, I marched up the steep path to the car-park as fast as my legs - and the heavy load on my back - would allow. Safely back in the car, the heavens opened.</p> Image 'Le Châtelot' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=115; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=115;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100320004.jpg" alt="Le Châtelot" /></a><p>Below the impressive concrete dam which holds back the waters of the Lac de Moron lies a very wild stretch of the river Doubs. The evidence of the long, hard Winter of 2010 is obvious here and I was keen to capture the rawness of nature before the warmth of Spring brought out the gorge's softer side. </p> Image 'Limestone' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=120; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=120;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120519004.jpg" alt="Limestone" /></a><p>Surprisingly, this is the first time I have made an image from this spot, despite using this slightly alarming crossing point for hikers traversing the Gorges du Doubs many times. <br /> <br /> The path runs over stepping stones and along the top of an old masonry dam, downstream of the concrete monstrosity that holds back the Lac du Moron.</p> Image 'Blazing foliage' added to gallery 'Gorges du Doubs' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=3,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111030004.jpg" alt="Blazing foliage" /></a><p>I spotted these trees whilst driving down to the car-park at the rim of the gorge at Le Châtelot, which provides access to the large concrete dam and the artificial Lac de Moron, and just had to stop and make a photograph...</p> Image 'Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (exterior)' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161030017.jpg" alt="Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (exterior)" /></a><p>Part of the southern Tuscany 'tourist trail', certainly, but deservedly so. This simple abbey has a pared-down beauty with its austere Romanesque architecture and this means it is another well-photographed location. I wanted to make a slightly unusual image which combines the abbey, the large cypress growing beside it and the surrounding countryside with its vineyards. Not an easy task, by any means.</p> Image 'Trees in the Mist with Windmill' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161102002.jpg" alt="Trees in the Mist with Windmill" /></a><p>This was found a short walk from the converted farmhouse in which we were staying. A rare dawn outing for me.</p> Image 'Overgrown Almond Grove' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104007.jpg" alt="Overgrown Almond Grove" /></a><p>I loved this overgrown almond grove, with its gnarled trees in regimented rows like an army of old soldiers.</p> Image 'Sentinel' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104008.jpg" alt="Sentinel" /></a><p>A lone cypress stands on a ridge near San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany.</p> Image 'Sentinels' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=70; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=70;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104010.jpg" alt="Sentinels" /></a><p>At the top of a ridge across the main road from Sienna to Rome from 'The Clump', can be found this collection of cypresses and stone pines. The make distinctive silhouettes against the skyline.</p> Image 'Farmer's Hut' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151103001.jpg" alt="Farmer's Hut" /></a><p>I have photographed this lovely little hut on a couple of previous occasions but removal of some farming debris opened up a new viewpoint on this particular visit. It would have been rude not to take advantage...</p> Image 'Val d'Hérens' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151103002.jpg" alt="Val d'Hérens" /></a><p>Looking along the Val d'Hérens towards Sion.</p> Image 'Bus Stop' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=115; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=115;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151103003.jpg" alt="Bus Stop" /></a><p>At first sight a rather prosaic subject for a landscape photograph, this bus stop is where the Swiss Postbus calls. A national institution, the Postbus links remote communities and the characteristic bright yellow buses are often seen expertly navigating the most frightening of narrow mountain roads. This may turn out to be the first in a series of images.</p> Image 'Barrage d'Emosson' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=120; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=120;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140601030.jpg" alt="Barrage d'Emosson" /></a><p>Switzerland satisfies around half of its energy requirements from hydro-electric installations such as this. Whilst some may think such developments disfigure the pristine alpine landscape, hydro power is one of the few genuinely viable sources of renewable energy and should not be viewed too harshly.<br /><br />Besides, the winter sports industry causes far more widespread damage for rather less overall benefit.</p> Image 'Woodpiles' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110710040.jpg" alt="Woodpiles" /></a><p>I first saw these piles of coppiced timber on my visit in early Spring when I made one rather lacklustre image which ended up in the round filing-cabinet on the floor. This time I feel I have got closer to doing this fascinating woodland justice. <br /><br /> I deliberately picked a wet day and, for my pains, had to wait out frequent downpours until the weather cleared sufficiently to set up the camera.</p> Image 'Château-Chalon from Névy-sur-Seille' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110710044.jpg" alt="Château-Chalon from Névy-sur-Seille" /></a><p>A beautiful spot in the French Jura caught in the low evening sun, shortly before sunset.</p> Image 'St. Michaels Mount' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101116001.jpg" alt="St. Michaels Mount" /></a><p>A watery dawn over St. Michael's Mount provides a warm, soft lighting for this famous landmark.</p> Image 'Dawn at Lac d'Ilay' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100410001.jpg" alt="Dawn at Lac d'Ilay" /></a><p>I discovered this little boat on a recce the previous afternoon and felt it would make a good subject but the harsh afternoon light was doing it no favours. Returning before dawn presented me with much more interesting light... </p> Image 'Slate Quarry' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128008.jpg" alt="Slate Quarry" /></a><p>Near Grange-in-Borrowdale lies this abandoned quarry, surrounded by attractive woodland. When I was there, the larches were putting on a particularly impressive display. </p> Image 'Wasdale Head' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=155; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=155;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128010.jpg" alt="Wasdale Head" /></a><p>Climbing a Lakeland fell with a small day-pack is a strenuous, yet enjoyable, activity. Climbing one of the steepest and most unrelenting Lake District paths, that up Kirk Fell, with 14kg of camera equipment was akin to strenuous torture! However, the view from the crag where I decided to terminate my ascent more than made up for all the sweat and toil. </p> Image 'Forclaz' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090501001.jpg" alt="Forclaz" /></a><p>This was my second visit to this attractive location in southern Switzerland. The Swiss photographer, Paul Schilliger, calls it, 'one of the most poetic places I know' and I can fully understand why. These little barns dot a dramatic working landscape which owes nothing to the mass-tourism which blights other parts of Switzerland. You get a strong feeling that this scene has changed little in many decades. <br /><br /> I shot this in intermittent rain, using the longer reach afforded by the 300mm lens on my DSLR to isolate the little barn. The same focal length on my large format camera would have been far too wide. </p> Image 'Autumn Shades' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=165; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=165;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081010002.jpg" alt="Autumn Shades" /></a><p>The Turtmanntal is a small valley tucked away on the south side of the Rhone Valley in Southern Switzerland. It's a pleasantly unspoilt, although largely unremarkable, area of small dairy farms but in the Autumn the trees put on an amazing display of pastel shades, here picked out by the low October sun. </p> Image 'Swaledale Abstract' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=170; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=170;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080901004.jpg" alt="Swaledale Abstract" /></a><p>One of the advantages of the large-format view camera is that the image appears to the photographer upside-down and laterally reversed, making for a view which is already abstracted from the scene before the lens. Seeing Swaledale in this way, I immediately began thinking in terms of shape and line, rather than meadows and farm-buildings. Using monochrome film served to emphasise the stark lines, forming a very graphic composition - the closest I have come to using elements of the landscape in the same way that a painter might. </p> Image 'Traditional Valais Barn' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080801001.jpg" alt="Traditional Valais Barn" /></a><p>I often find inspiration for locations from the work of other photographers, although my intention is never to duplicate their work. <br /><br /> This small barn appears in several wonderful images by the Swiss photographer, Paul Schilliger, whose work has been a particular inspiration to me. Although I arrived at this location in the hope of capturing an original image, it soon became apparent that modern incursions (it is, after all, part of a working farm and not a museum) greatly restrict the number of viewpoints where one may make a pleasing photograph. Try as I might, I could not find an original viewpoint which worked but it's such an attractive and timeless scene I felt I had to make my own image anyway. </p> Image 'Beached Wreck' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB050701001.jpg" alt="Beached Wreck" /></a><p>The remains of 'Eddie's Boat', a trawler which became beached on the Donegal coast. </p> Image 'Saltwick Bay' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB060901004.jpg" alt="Saltwick Bay" /></a><p>The famous wreck of the Admiral von Tromp at Saltwick Bay, guarded by the 'hunched figure' of Black Nab. </p> Image 'West pier at dawn' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=190; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=190;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB060901003.jpg" alt="West pier at dawn" /></a><p>Whitby's West Pier during a rather cloudy dawn. </p> Image 'Port Light' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=195; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=195;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070301004.jpg" alt="Port Light" /></a><p>A navigation light on the outer wall of Newlyn harbour, shortly before dawn. </p> Image 'No parking in Mousehole' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070301003.jpg" alt="No parking in Mousehole" /></a><p>..and it's not difficult to see why, given this impressive stack of crab pots outside a fisherman's cottage. </p> Image 'Granite basin, Revoïra' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=205; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=205;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201003.jpg" alt="Granite basin, Revoïra" /></a><p>Revöira is a remote mountain community in the Verzasca Valley in southern Switzerland. It is now mostly abandoned, however some of the dwellings are still occupied and others have been renovated as holiday homes for hikers or those who just want to get away from it all. <br /><br /> Revöira itself can only be reached by an arduous footpath, which climbs through woods of oak and chestnut but it is chiefly known for its lack of natural water sources. This problem is solved by basins like this, laboriously cut from solid granite boulders, which, via wooden guttering, collect rainwater runoff from the roofs of the huts. </p> Image 'Stone huts, Revoïra' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=210; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=210;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201004.jpg" alt="Stone huts, Revoïra" /></a><p>Another of the impressive stone basins in the small mountain community of Revöira. This picture also shows two of the huts and looks towards the mountains on the other side of the Verzasca Valley. </p> Image 'Open door, Revoïra' added to gallery 'Man and Nature' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=215; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=4,photo=215;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201005.jpg" alt="Open door, Revoïra" /></a><p>Finally, a detail from one of the abandoned huts in Revöira. </p> Image 'Sandstone and bracken' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=2; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=2;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150831008.jpg" alt="Sandstone and bracken" /></a><p>A bracken plant clings to life on a lichen covered rock at The Roaches in north Staffordshire.</p> Image 'Leaves and Boulder' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=3; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=3;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151031001.jpg" alt="Leaves and Boulder" /></a><p>Leaves arranged (by nature, not me) on a boulder in the Ravin du Puits Noir.</p> Image 'Marmite' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=4; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=4;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151102002.jpg" alt="Marmite" /></a><p>No, not the divisive brown goo that some love on their toast but a 'marmite' in the French sense of a type of pot or, in this case, a pothole cut in the limestone bed of a small stream.</p> Image 'Impressionistic pond' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140927002.jpg" alt="Impressionistic pond" /></a><p>A small weed-choked pond, otherwise unremarkable, provides a rich show of impressionistic textures and reflections in the right light.</p> Image 'Broken' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141025002.jpg" alt="Broken" /></a><p>Whilst on a one-day workshop with Spanish photographer Rafael Rojas I found this fallen tree in the Bois du Sépey near Cossonay. I spent a while exploring it with my large format camera and made three exposures, of which this is easily my favourite.</p> Image 'Lady's Cloak' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141028008.jpg" alt="Lady's Cloak" /></a><p>Frost-rimed foliage and grasses line up perfectly to create a portrait of this attractive alpine shrub.</p> Image 'Verzasca Waves' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=115; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=115;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141030001.jpg" alt="Verzasca Waves" /></a><p>Southern Switzerland's Verzasca Valley is an old stamping ground of mine - I've been coming here since 2003 - yet the fantastic flowing rockforms always provide interesting subject matter.</p> Image 'Vosges Stream' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141115020.jpg" alt="Vosges Stream" /></a><p>Normally I don't much care for very long exposures of flowing water as the overall effect can end up looking very artificial. However here it simplifies an otherwise very chaotic scene.</p> Image 'Pebbles' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=130; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=130;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131210005.jpg" alt="Pebbles" /></a><p>The ebb and flow of the tide re-arranges the beach at Nanven on a daily basis so each visit yields something new to photograph.</p> Image 'Sea-smoothed granite' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131210006.jpg" alt="Sea-smoothed granite" /></a><p>A sea-rounded boulder of pale granite deposited on darker-coloured pebbles by the tide.</p> Image 'Granite Boulder' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131212009.jpg" alt="Granite Boulder" /></a><p>A sea-smoothed granite boulder with a 'tail' of darker pebbles at Nanven Beach.</p> Image 'Serpentine reflections' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131209002.jpg" alt="Serpentine reflections" /></a><p>Reflections in the attractively veined serpentine rock at Cadgwith Cove.</p> Image 'Mountain stream' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131022003.jpg" alt="Mountain stream" /></a><p>A clear mountain stream runs over delicately patterned rocks in the Val Trupchun, part of Switzerland's one and only national park. </p> Image 'Ice boulders' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=155; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=155;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131024002.jpg" alt="Ice boulders" /></a><p>Quite a hazardous spot but ultimately worth taking the chance. A sobering reminder of the dangers came as I was packing up to go: a scurrying sound alerted me to a minor rockfall behind me - exactly where I was walking less than an hour previously.</p> Image 'Dandelion' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120923003.jpg" alt="Dandelion" /></a><p>I had a tough time finding anything to photograph at this spot. The first light was supposed to strike Pyramid Mountain and make it light up. Howevr, a thin layer of cloud was enough to prevent this from happening and the dawn was somewhat of a disappointment. <br /><br /> Rather than giving up, I searched for a subject that might work in the flat light and was lucky to find this perfect dandelion seedhead...</p> Image 'Logjam' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=165; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=165;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120917005.jpg" alt="Logjam" /></a><p>There is a jumble of fallen tree-trunks at the exit of Moraine Lake and in the cool, post-dawn light the bleached trunks reflect the blue of the sky. <br /><br /> I tried out a number of different compositions here of which this is the most successful.</p> Image 'Cascade' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=170; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=170;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120917025.jpg" alt="Cascade" /></a><p>A stiff hike up into the mountains to the north of Moraine Lake takes you to Larch Valley - and beyond. <br /><br /> A stream runs down the valley, fed by glacial meltwater and it's that stream you see here cascading over rocks and reflecting the clear blue sky commonly seen at altitude.</p> Image 'Dead leaf and pebbles' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110125036.jpg" alt="Dead leaf and pebbles" /></a><p>A dessicated leaf contrasts with these rounded pebbles in the Val Verzasca in southern Switzerland. </p> Image 'Rock and a hard place' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110125037.jpg" alt="Rock and a hard place" /></a><p>At Lavertezzo the markings in the granite form attractive and contrasting patterns. A trapped pebble links the two larger pieces of rock.</p> Image 'Shard' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110125039.jpg" alt="Shard" /></a><p>An beautiful shard of ice adorns a rock near Lavertezzo in the Val Verzasca.</p> Image 'Granite egg' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=190; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=190;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101116006.jpg" alt="Granite egg" /></a><p>One of the joys of making images in a location such as this is that no two visits yield quite the same patterns of rock and sand. Each day, the power of the sea shifts heavy boulders with ease and rearranges the beach totally randomly. </p> Image 'Flow' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=195; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=195;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101119001.jpg" alt="Flow" /></a><p>A small stream flows through the boulder-field that forms the beach at Porth Nanven and on my previous visit in 2007, I made a rather unsuccessful attempt at recording it. This time I was determined to do better and spent a long time looking for just the right arrangement of rocks and water.</p> Image 'Reflected branches' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100410002.jpg" alt="Reflected branches" /></a><p>This part of the French Jura is known as 'Les Quatre Lacs' because here, in an area of only a handful of square kilometres, can be found the Lac de Narlay, Lac d'Ilay, Lac de Petit Maclu and Lac de Grand Maclu. <br /><br /> I found this intriguing little scene at the northern end of the Grand Maclu lake and I was fascinated by the way the gentle ripples interfered with the reflected shapes of the branches. </p> Image 'Kimmeridge shale' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=205; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=205;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091225001.jpg" alt="Kimmeridge shale" /></a><p>Several small streams run off the Purbeck Hills into Kimmeridge Bay. Further west, one runs over flat rock before dissipating into the pebbles whereas the one on the east side of the bay forms a dramatic waterfall. However, it was this one, in the middle, which most interested me. The geometric patterns it has cut in the cross-bedded shale just cried out to be photographed. By the time I returned to this spot after exploring further along the cliffs, the sun had fully set and the consequent exposure of some 14 seconds caused the chaotic flow of the stream to be simplified into smoky wisps.</p> Image 'Slate quarry detail' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=210; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=210;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128001.jpg" alt="Slate quarry detail" /></a><p>The abandoned slate quarry near Grange offers some attractive details within its mineral-stained walls. At the far end of the quarry stands a lone birch tree, set off quite spectacularly by some vivid yellow stains in the surrounding dark slate. </p> Image 'Shoots and leaves' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=215; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=215;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091031002.jpg" alt="Shoots and leaves" /></a><p>Floating leaves decorate the surface of this slow-moving part of the river above the tufa waterfall at Les Planches in the French Jura. </p> Image 'Above the Cascade, Baumes les Messieurs' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=220; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=220;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090401004.jpg" alt="Above the Cascade, Baumes les Messieurs" /></a><p>Above the falls, there are a series of stepped cascades, created by the limestone-rich river depositing tiny amounts of calcium carbonate as it runs down the hillside. <br /><br /> This is the river Dard and it emerges from a cavern in the cliff above. Now a show cave, it has spawned some rather ugly supporting development. One day, I'm sure I will take the cave tour but with so much to see (and photograph) outside for free, there really is little incentive. </p> Image 'Les Clées' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=225; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=225;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101003.jpg" alt="Les Clées" /></a><p>I previously visited this location on a bright Summer's day and I quickly found that image-making would only be possible in a small shady corner. I resolved then to return in conditions of less contrast. <br /><br /> So I had high hopes when I returned on a cloudy Autumn day - to find that conditions were still tough. The contrast range between the bright water and dark, mossy rock was huge and challenged even the greater range afforded by colour negative film. </p> Image 'Limestone Pavement, above Malham Cove' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=230; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=230;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080901002.jpg" alt="Limestone Pavement, above Malham Cove" /></a><p>A closer view of the limestone pavement to be found above Yorkshire's dramatic Malham Cove. It occurred to me that the ridges and gullies in the rock looked a little like a miniature mountain range, rising from the plains. </p> Image 'Tegna' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=235; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=235;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080301001.jpg" alt="Tegna" /></a><p>Near Tegna in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, the Maggia river makes a tight 90° bend, forming a placid pool as it does so. After the last ice-age, retreating glaciers deposited many boulders in this pool, giving the impression of icebergs floating in a frozen ocean. <br /><br /> I framed my photograph to emphasise the space between the boulders and to make the most of the reflections in the still, glassy water. </p> Image 'Eye of the Storm' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=240; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=240;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070201001.jpg" alt="Eye of the Storm" /></a><p>Near Lavertezzo in southern Switzerland, the fast-flowing Verzasca river has carved many bizarre forms and patterns into the granite bedrock. This is a small pool of still water amidst the rushing torrent of the river. </p> Image 'Water, ice and rock' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=245; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=245;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB051101001.jpg" alt="Water, ice and rock" /></a><p>A mountain lit by the setting sun is reflected in a pool of still water. </p> Image 'Sandstone erosion' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=250; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=250;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071001001.jpg" alt="Sandstone erosion" /></a><p>...or a slot-canyon in the making. Part of the sandstone streambed of the Schwarzwasser canyon in central Switzerland has been worn into parallel slots by the force of this fast-flowing river. </p> Image 'Wave-cut platform' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=255; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=255;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201001.jpg" alt="Wave-cut platform" /></a><p>I switched to monochrome film to emphasise the shape and flow of this layer of rock and the water washing over it. I wanted to bring out the elemental aspects of a scene that has been played out across countless millennia. </p> Image 'Three rocks' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=260; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=260;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201002.jpg" alt="Three rocks" /></a><p>These sandstone erratics were sitting on the rocky platform at Kimmeridge Bay, having been recently revealed by the ebbing tide. I saw them first when the setting sun was hidden by cloud and waited for the sun to reappear. When it did, it lit up the rocks with such intensity that they almost seem to be glowing from within. </p> Image 'Strata' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=265; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=265;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070801001.jpg" alt="Strata" /></a><p>An intimate view of the magnificently layered cliff at Sandymouth Bay. Here, differential rates of erosion have laid bare the structure of the rock in an intriguing way. </p> Image 'Pebbles' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=270; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=270;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070301001.jpg" alt="Pebbles" /></a><p>Colourful pebbles on the rocky beach of Nanven in Cornwall. <br /><br /> This beach is the close neighbour of Porth Nanven which is also noted for its many striking rock formations. </p> Image 'Boulders on Whitby Beach' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=275; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=275;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB060901001.jpg" alt="Boulders on Whitby Beach" /></a><p>A great location for geologists - and photographers! <br /><br /> Sandstone always yields excellent patterns and patination - a boon for any photographer. I was particularly drawn to the large white boulder caught in a depression in the cliff-face and built my composition around that. It looks almost as if the cliff itself is spitting out the boulders and leaving them strewn on the beach... </p> Image 'May Beck' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=280; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=280;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB060901002.jpg" alt="May Beck" /></a><p>May Beck is a small stream not far from Whitby in Yorkshire. Its relatively shallow course takes it across dark ironstone and through an area of woodland. Here, fallen leaves contrast with the dark riverbed and soft reflections of foliage and the sky combine to create a quiet, introspective composition. </p> Image 'Upper Antelope Canyon 1' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=285; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=285;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101001.jpg" alt="Upper Antelope Canyon 1" /></a><p>No visit to Page is complete without a trip to Antelope Canyon. Actually two canyons (upper and lower), Antelope is justly World-famous for the quality of light found there and the water-sculpted magnificence of its sandstone walls. <br /><br /> Rather than pointing my camera straight upward to capture the incredible play of light, I made this image looking forwards and only slightly upward. The colours here are more subtle but no less beautiful. </p> Image 'Upper Antelope Canyon 2' added to gallery 'Small Worlds' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=290; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=5,photo=290;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101002.jpg" alt="Upper Antelope Canyon 2" /></a><p>The Corkscrew, Upper Antelope Canyon </p> Image 'Frozen' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=2; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=2;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB170129006.jpg" alt="Frozen" /></a><p>I was taken by this frozen cascade in the Gorges du Doubs and spent an hour photographing it from every angle.</p> Image 'La Petite Camargue' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=4; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=4;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB170417007.jpg" alt="La Petite Camargue" /></a><p>This is an interesting area of preserved wetland, adjacent to the river Rhine as it forms the border between France and Germany after turning north in the city of Basel.</p> Image 'Cascades de l'Hérisson' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171110004.jpg" alt="Cascades de l'Hérisson" /></a><p>This is one of several places I have been visiting repeatedly for many years. It still rewards me with interesting scenes even after all this time.</p> Image 'Ruisseau de la Combe' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=12; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=12;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171108001.jpg" alt="Ruisseau de la Combe" /></a><p>This is a just a small stream made special by the colours of autumn.</p> Image 'Cascades de Verneau' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=14; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=14;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160326002.jpg" alt="Cascades de Verneau" /></a><p>The French do seem somewhat obsessed with health and safety and footpaths are often closed for no discernible reason. Naturally, I had to at least go as far as I could so I was surprised to find no obstacle at all. The reward was this scene...</p> Image 'Ruisseau de Bonneille' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=16; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=16;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160327001.jpg" alt="Ruisseau de Bonneille" /></a><p>I have made several visits to this intriguing (and hard to reach) stream in the French Jura and it has always yielded interesting images. This is a little tufa cascade, festooned with fallen mossy trees.</p> Image 'Ruisseau de Bonneille' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=18; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=18;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160327003.jpg" alt="Ruisseau de Bonneille" /></a><p>I have made several visits to this intriguing (and hard to reach) stream in the French Jura and it has always yielded interesting images.</p> Image 'Cascade de Baumes-les-Messieurs' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160506001.jpg" alt="Cascade de Baumes-les-Messieurs" /></a><p>Another location that I have visited many times down the years yet which always seems to have something new to offer.</p> Image 'Tufa cascade' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB160506004.jpg" alt="Tufa cascade" /></a><p>This extraordinary tufa formation is tucked away up an old farm track with no sign to mark it. If you didn't know about it beforehand, you would almost certainly drive on by and miss it.</p> Image 'Ravin du Puits Noir' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150404004.jpg" alt="Ravin du Puits Noir" /></a><p>This little gorge was often visited and painted by the French artist and forerunner of the Impressionists, Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), and remains virtually unchanged since his day. <br /><br /> I visited it on a damp day in early April before it had shed its forbidding winter appearance. I wanted to emphasise the stark beauty of the location.</p> Image 'Ravin du Puits Noir' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150404006.jpg" alt="Ravin du Puits Noir" /></a><p>This little gorge was often visited and painted by the French artist and forerunner of the Impressionists, Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), and remains virtually unchanged since his day. <br /><br /> I visited it on a damp day in early April before it had shed its forbidding winter appearance. I wanted to emphasise the stark beauty of the location.</p> Image 'Swollen River' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150502004.jpg" alt="Swollen River" /></a><p>On my second visit to the Ravin du Puits Noir a month after the first visit, I had hoped a dry April might have reduced the level of the river. Sadly the reverse was the case and parts of the footpath were submerged under unphotogenic brown water. Here the swollen Brême engulfs a tree.</p> Image 'Flow' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150512008.jpg" alt="Flow" /></a><p>The river Dove as it negotiates some rocks in Dovedale, with reflections of grass and sky.</p> Image 'Ravin du Puits Noir, Ornans, France' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=70; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=70;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150801002.jpg" alt="Ravin du Puits Noir, Ornans, France" /></a><p>The 19th century French painter and local lad, Gustave Courbet, painted this little ravine many times in different seasons and weather. Feeling inspired, I decided to try something similar with my camera. This pair of images is from high summer.</p> Image 'Ravin du Puits Noir, Ornans, France' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=75; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=75;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150801003.jpg" alt="Ravin du Puits Noir, Ornans, France" /></a><p>The 19th century French painter and local lad, Gustave Courbet, painted this little ravine many times in different seasons and weather. Feeling inspired, I decided to try something similar with my camera. This pair of images is from high summer.</p> Image 'The Pond' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141019001.jpg" alt="The Pond" /></a><p>This tiny pond is quite local to me and is set in a small managed woodland which separates the Zurich suburbs of Opfikon and Kloten. Local enough for me to follow through the seasons.</p> Image 'Choked' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141019002.jpg" alt="Choked" /></a><p>A detail of this small pond near where I live.</p> Image 'Derborence' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141028004.jpg" alt="Derborence" /></a><p>Derborence is a beautiful alpine lake born of catastrophe. In the 18th century, a landslide destroyed much of the community of Derborence and dammed the Derbonne river to form Europe's youngest lake.</p> Image 'Les Pertes de la Valserine' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140530006.jpg" alt="Les Pertes de la Valserine" /></a><p>River boulders leading to a fascinating submerged karst formation with trees beyond. I could not ask for more, really!</p> Image 'Les Pertes de la Valersine' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=130; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=130;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140419006.jpg" alt="Les Pertes de la Valersine" /></a><p>'Les pertes' is a french term that aptly describes a phenomenon of limestone country where rivers can literally disappear underground before emerging a short distance later. However, here this usually only happens during periods of dry weather.</p> Image 'Stormy seas' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131213018.jpg" alt="Stormy seas" /></a><p>A stormy day made for some impressive waves at Kynance Cove. After packing up the camera, I spent a while simply watching and enjoying the spectacle.</p> Image 'Chute' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131025010.jpg" alt="Chute" /></a><p>This is another 'water feature' in the same general area as the previous image.</p> Image 'The young Verzasca' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131026001.jpg" alt="The young Verzasca" /></a><p>The young Verzasca river just a couple of hundred metres downstream from the impressive waterfall in the previous image. </p> Image 'Sculpted cascade' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131026003.jpg" alt="Sculpted cascade" /></a><p>In a remote corner of the Val Verzasca the young Verzasca river has to negotiate this solid gneiss cliff. On its way it has carved interesting shapes into the rock.</p> Image 'Gorge de la Lizerne' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=155; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=155;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130510001.jpg" alt="Gorge de la Lizerne" /></a><p>This spectacular gorge must be negotiated in order to arrive at the small mountain community of Derborence. The road goes through narrow galleried tunnels, blasted from the rock with the occasional passing place and overlook from which it is possible to see the vertiginous drop - all of which certainly encourages careful driving!</p> Image 'Val Triquet' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130510010.jpg" alt="Val Triquet" /></a><p>In the 19th century, the side of a mountain gave way and slid down into the valley. The resulting extensive boulder-field dammed a river and formed the lake of Derborence. In time, the meagre soil that accumulated on the boulders allowed a stunted forest of pines and firs to develop.</p> Image 'Cascade de Baume des Messieurs' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=165; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=165;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130329008.jpg" alt="Cascade de Baume des Messieurs" /></a><p>I try not to repeat compositions except when my previous attempt leaves me feeling dissatisfied. This was one of those occasions. The flow of water over these cascades was much better than in my previous attempt and the damp weather meant no ugly blue cast from the sky to deal with. All in all, I'm much happier with this version.</p> Image 'Tufa cascade' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130330026.jpg" alt="Tufa cascade" /></a><p>The Cascade de Tufs at Les Planches is one of my favourite places and somewhere I always find worthwhile photographic opportunities - no matter how many times I visit.<br /><br />To one side of the main cascades was this mossy run-off. How could I resist?</p> Image 'Algae-covered tufa' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130330027.jpg" alt="Algae-covered tufa" /></a><p>This is one of my favourite places and somewhere I always find worthwhile photographic opportunities - no matter how many times I visit.<br /><br />The tufa attracts algae on the edges of each small cascade. I was struck by the patterns it made and how this shaped the flow of water.</p> Image 'Lac de Bonlieu' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130331003.jpg" alt="Lac de Bonlieu" /></a><p>It was an unpromising dull day with flurries of snow but I thought I might be able to find some details worth photographing on the shore of the lake. Instead, I was lucky that a small gap in the clouds allowed the sun to sneak through and illuminate this scene to perfection.</p> Image 'Gorges de l'Areuse' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=190; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=190;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB121103006.jpg" alt="Gorges de l'Areuse" /></a><p>Moss-covered rocks in the Areuse river.</p> Image 'Moraine Lake, evening' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=195; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=195;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120917037.jpg" alt="Moraine Lake, evening" /></a><p>After the sun had dipped below the surrounding peaks, the blues of twilght take over the lake. I was struck by how the yellow larches contrasted perfectly with the dark hues of the rock and water.</p> Image 'Reflections' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120918005.jpg" alt="Reflections" /></a><p>Close to Herbert Lake is this small pond. It is unnamed but is really quite beautiful and undeserving of such anonymity. <br /><br /> I saw this bush with its autumn-red leaves contrasting perfectly with the reflected blue of the water. Obviously there's only one thing to do when faced with such obvious temptation: give in!</p> Image 'Cascades de Baume-les-Messieurs' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=205; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=205;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120407011.jpg" alt="Cascades de Baume-les-Messieurs" /></a><p>A popular location - with the general public as well as photographers - so it's always a challenge to find a new angle. I hope I succeeded.</p> Image 'Cascades de Baume-les-Messieurs' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=210; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=210;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120409002.jpg" alt="Cascades de Baume-les-Messieurs" /></a><p>Another view of the lower cascades at Baume-les-Messieurs in the French Jura. This show the view looking to the top of the formation.</p> Image 'Reeds and Reflections' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=215; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=215;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110420005.jpg" alt="Reeds and Reflections" /></a><p>A more abstract view of the reeds and the dawn sky at the Lac du Petit Maclus in the French Jura.</p> Image 'Partying limpets' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=220; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=220;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101119002.jpg" alt="Partying limpets" /></a><p>This cluster of limpets on one of the many granite boulders at Porth Nanven seemed to me to be like a party and I could imagine them dancing and having fun only to stop dead when the receding tide forced them to hunker down. <br /><br /> I had to move fast as the tide was coming in quickly. The water was around my feet as I set up and I just managed to expose one sheet of film before being forced to grab my camera and make a run for it...</p> Image 'Cascade des Tufs, Baumes les Messieurs' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=225; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=225;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090401006.jpg" alt="Cascade des Tufs, Baumes les Messieurs" /></a><p>I previously visited these beautiful and other-worldly cascades on a crisp Winter's day in 2008. This time, however, the weather was very different. Gone was the beautiful sunlight reflecting from the limestone cliffs and in its place was a dreary grey sky. Perfect! I love dreary weather as it makes the colours of the landscape sing and the gentle light allows every detail to be seen. <br /><br /> My previous image of these falls concentrated on patterns in the flow of water (something of a recurring theme in my work!) so for this one I moved back a little and captured the full scene. Sadly, on this day a recent spell of dry weather had reduced the flow to a mere trickle. </p> Image 'Cascade des Tufs, Les Planches' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=230; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=230;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090401005.jpg" alt="Cascade des Tufs, Les Planches" /></a><p>The French Jura is blessed with not one but two of these amazing tufa cascades. The cascade at Les Planches bears obvious similarities with its more southerly sibling but here the only development is a simple earth footpath. This, and the heavily forested setting gives these falls an almost magical atmosphere. I spent quite a while here, exploring upstream as well as down. A beautiful and unspoilt place. </p> Image 'Cascade des Tufs, Les Planches' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=235; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=235;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090415007.jpg" alt="Cascade des Tufs, Les Planches" /></a><p>As with my earlier visit to the cascade at Baume-les-Messieurs, I couldn't resist going in close to record the patterns in the water and the textures of the tufa rock. The bizarre shapes are not the result of erosion by water but the reverse process. Here, minerals dissolved in the water precipitate over countless thousands of years and slowly build up these incredible rock formations. </p> Image 'Tufa waterfall' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=240; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=240;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100410007.jpg" alt="Tufa waterfall" /></a><p>Usefully, there is a path which allows quite close access to these falls. This time, I decided to forego a 'head-on' view in favour of a more dynamic viewpoint. </p> Image 'Still-life with seaweed' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=245; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=245;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128002.jpg" alt="Still-life with seaweed" /></a><p>Pirate's Cove, on the island of Arran, is noted for the bizarre red sandstone formations to be found on the foreshore there, formations which have led to it being dubbed 'Utah-on-sea'. Although I made some more specific images of the rock, it was this arrangement of washed-up seaweed that really caught my attention. The way the seaweed was spread out on the flat rock seemed so perfect I couldn't have made a better display had I placed it myself. </p> Image 'Tine de Conflens' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=250; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=250;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101005.jpg" alt="Tine de Conflens" /></a><p>This is the confluence of the river Veyron and the Venoge, although the word 'collision' is a better description of the violence of the meeting. The two rivers come together after dropping some 15m into a rocky 'cauldron' with only one exit. It is a place of immense atmosphere where one can truly feel the raw, elemental power of nature. <br /><br /> Seen here is the river Venoge. The Veyron makes its entrance through a short canyon off to the left of the frame. </p> Image 'Vallée de Nozon' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=255; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=255;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101004.jpg" alt="Vallée de Nozon" /></a><p>This is the scene below the impressive Chute du Dard waterfall on a rather grey and murky day. The conditions meant that my image of the fall itself turned out to be rather dull and, erm, murky. One for a nice Autumn dawn, I feel. <br /><br /> Still, I was drawn to the lovely carpet of beech leaves which gives the valley a wonderful otherworldly atmosphere. A recently fallen tree, its leaves still green, provides just the right amount of accent colour to lift this composition. </p> Image 'Last resting place' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=260; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=260;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101006.jpg" alt="Last resting place" /></a><p>The salt marsh at Achnahaird is a bleak and desolate place. No wonder, then, that the local sheep sometimes succumb to the elements. There is no outward indication of why this animal died but it is more than likely that it was caught out by the stormy conditions that preceded my visit. <br /><br /> It is, perhaps, not a particularly easy subject for a photograph but this image speaks more about the wildness and isolation of this location than any number of attractive postcard shots. </p> Image 'Gorges de l'Areuse' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=265; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=265;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071201007.jpg" alt="Gorges de l'Areuse" /></a><p>I previously visited the Gorges de l'Areuse in late Summer at which time I made some rather unsuccessful images. In Winter, the gorge presents a much more raw and uncompromising face and I tried to reflect that elemental power in this image, shot on monochrome film. </p> Image 'Moonset over Magadino' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=270; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=270;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080301003.jpg" alt="Moonset over Magadino" /></a><p>With precisely this shot in mind, I arrived at this location before dawn and had to wait nearly an hour before the light was ideal. It was worth it, however, to catch the moon sinking behind the mountains... </p> Image 'Rapids' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=275; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=275;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB070201002.jpg" alt="Rapids" /></a><p>The force of the Verzasca river has dragged along many boulders, which are left scattered across the riverbed, continuously battered by the power of the raging torrent. </p> Image 'Tobelbach - 1' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=280; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=280;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071001003.jpg" alt="Tobelbach - 1" /></a><p>The Tobelbach in Northeastern Switzerland is a charming little stream, set in a steep-sided wooded valley. In a relatively short distance it drops over two waterfalls, as well as forming a 'secret' pool at a quieter point above the lower fall. <br /><br /> The river is prone to serious flooding and nowhere is this more visible than here at the lower fall, where an uprooted tree has been washed over the edge and is now lodged squarely in the middle of the flow. </p> Image 'Tobelbach - 2' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=285; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=285;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB071001002.jpg" alt="Tobelbach - 2" /></a><p>Above the lower fall is this quiet 'secret' pool. Perhaps because it is surrounded by living woodland, this place has an almost womb-like feeling of peace and tranquility about it. </p> Image 'Lac du Val' added to gallery 'Water' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=290; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=6,photo=290;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080201002.jpg" alt="Lac du Val" /></a><p>The road to the lower end of the Cascades de l'Hérisson runs alongside this attractive lake. I was particularly taken with the way the sunlight was striking the reeds and how this contrasted with the dark winter trees in the background so I just had to stop the car and make a photograph. </p> Image 'Rockfall' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171101001.jpg" alt="Rockfall" /></a><p>I saw this rockfall with its beautiful carpet of moss and lichen and simply had to take a picture. The adjacent woodland is home to a number of semi-tame birds (there are nesting boxes and feeding sites throughout the wood), some of which were inquisitively settling on a branch just centimetres from my head as I made this image. </p> Image 'Verzasca Boulders' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151104001.jpg" alt="Verzasca Boulders" /></a><p>The Verzasca Valley draws me back again and again yet the amazingly coloured boulders always seem to inspire new compositions.</p> Image 'Rockpool eflection' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151104003.jpg" alt="Rockpool eflection" /></a><p>Sunlight striking the forested valley side is reflected in a small rockpool in Swtzerland's Verzasca Valley.</p> Image 'Balanced' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151105001.jpg" alt="Balanced" /></a><p>Whilst hiking the headwaters of the Verzasca River I came across this fallen boulder, precariously balanced above a waterfall.</p> Image 'Gritstone' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141120040.jpg" alt="Gritstone" /></a><p>I spent a whole morning discovering the amazing eroded gritstone forms of Stannage Edge in England's Peak District. Here I particularly enjoyed how these boulders had come together in an attractive grouping.</p> Image 'Rockpool' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141120042.jpg" alt="Rockpool" /></a><p>A small depression in the gritstone of Stannage Edge, filled with rainwater after recent rain, looks like a portal into some unknowable underworld.</p> Image 'Kimmeridge foreshore - 2' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141225037.jpg" alt="Kimmeridge foreshore - 2" /></a><p>The wave-cut platform at Kimmeridge is something of a magnet for photographers who generally concentrate on one small area of the beach. Always on the look-out for something a bit different, I walked a short distance from the popular spot and found a patch of rock with rich compositional possibilities.</p> Image 'Slate detail' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=120; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=120;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140531023.jpg" alt="Slate detail" /></a><p>On my previous trip to this area I made a more general image of this intriguing rock-face, promising to myself that I would return to explore it in more detail. There is much more potential here but sunny conditions and a strong wind limited the photographic opportunities this time around. Perhaps next time...</p> Image 'Cascade du Rochejus' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140420001.jpg" alt="Cascade du Rochejus" /></a><p>A long hike in led me to this hidden gem of a cascade tucked away in woodland near the village of Durnes in the northern french Jura. </p>Sadly, the weather was a landscape photographer's worst nightmare - full-on midday sunshine with not a cloud in the sky to mitigate the harsh light. However, I had walked a long way carrying a heavy pack of camera gear and I wasn't about to let a spell of 'adverse' weather prevent from me making an image or two.</p> Image 'Fluid forms' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=130; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=130;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131209004.jpg" alt="Fluid forms" /></a><p>The rocks at Kynance take on the colours of the minerals found within the granite and basalt matrix. Greens and reds predominate indicating the presence of malachite and iron ore.</p> Image 'Rock of ages' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131025020.jpg" alt="Rock of ages" /></a><p>The result of a violent landslide, this split rock up a side valley of the Val Maggia caught my eye. </p> Image 'Guardians' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130308013.jpg" alt="Guardians" /></a><p>The Verzasca Valley is an area of pure, clear water and strangely patterned gneiss boulders and is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest places in the whole of Switzerland. For this reason, I try and get here at least once a year.<br /><br />The two boulders on either side of the river appeared to be 'guarding' the river beyond, hence the title.</p> Image 'Sculpted rock' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120921029.jpg" alt="Sculpted rock" /></a><p>Above Panther Falls, not far from the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, is an area of water-sculpted rock. As a keen rock-fan, I just couldn't resist - even though focussing this deceptive little scene turned out to require most of the movements my large-format field camera offers!</p> Image 'Rockpools' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120921030.jpg" alt="Rockpools" /></a><p>We returned to Panther Falls the following day where aspen leaves lay strewn attractively around the rocks. I later discovered that it was one of my fellow photographers and not Mother Nature who had been doing the strewing... Oh well. :-)</p> Image 'Trapped' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120303001.jpg" alt="Trapped" /></a><p>I first photographed this trapped rock a little over a year ago. At that time, I went in close on the yellowish rock and... failed miserably. Focussing proved to be the main issue so this time I resolved to do better. I set up a little further away and everything finally fell into place.</p> Image 'Rock patterns' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=165; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=165;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120303018.jpg" alt="Rock patterns" /></a><p>A feature of this part of the Verzsca valley is the spectacular markings on the rocks to be found there. Every so often, the random movement of rocks by high-pressure water throws up a fascinating conjunction of pattern and form. So it's a real delight to happen on a perfect arrangement like this.</p> Image 'Sculpted Alcove' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=170; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=170;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120220011.jpg" alt="Sculpted Alcove" /></a><p>Sculpture from the river Maggia, which has taken the local granite as its inspiration and with nothing more than sand, grit, high-pressure water and a great deal of time has created these gently flowing forms. Particularly intriguing is the motive on the wall of the alcove and how it mischievously quotes the shape of the orifice. The trompe l'oeil tunnel effect is a touch of genius.</p> Image 'Pink sandstone' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111114003.jpg" alt="Pink sandstone" /></a><p>I spent a good few hours, over a couple of visits, exploring the attractive lavender-pink sandstone near St. Bees on England's Cumbrian coast</p> Image 'Pink sandstone' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111113007.jpg" alt="Pink sandstone" /></a><p>Another image from an extremely productive session at St. Bees.</p> Image 'Gole di Breggia - 1' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110124016.jpg" alt="Gole di Breggia - 1" /></a><p>The river Breggia flows through a steep sided gorge where the folded and distorted geological strata are laid bare. This makes for a fascinating area to explore photographically. I made these three very different images in a short 100 metre stretch of the river.</p> Image 'Gole di Breggia - 2' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=190; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=190;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110124017.jpg" alt="Gole di Breggia - 2" /></a><p>The river Breggia flows through a steep sided gorge where the folded and distorted geological strata are laid bare. This makes for a fascinating area to explore photographically. I made these three very different images in a short 100 metre stretch of the river.</p> Image 'Gole di Breggia - 3' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110124019.jpg" alt="Gole di Breggia - 3" /></a><p>The river Breggia flows through a steep sided gorge where the folded and distorted geological strata are laid bare. This makes for a fascinating area to explore photographically. I made these three very different images in a short 100 metre stretch of the river.</p> Image 'Natural rock art' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=205; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=205;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110124020.jpg" alt="Natural rock art" /></a><p>Natural markings in this water-eroded granite boulder give the impression of petroglyphs left by an unknown prehistoric tribe.</p> Image 'Drumadoon' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=210; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=210;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128003.jpg" alt="Drumadoon" /></a><p>Drumadoon Point is a wild and windswept location on the more exposed western side of Arran. It also boasts a golf course which, to a non-golfer like myself, seems like it might be one of the more challenging courses in the area simply because of the location. </p> Image 'Igneous rock, Imacher' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=215; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=215;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128013.jpg" alt="Igneous rock, Imacher" /></a><p>Just a tiny part of the beautiful striated formations at Imacher Point on Arran. </p> Image 'Broad Bench' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=220; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=220;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081201001.jpg" alt="Broad Bench" /></a><p>This area is part of an army firing range, so access is not easy and is limited to weekends and a few other days of the year when the army are not present. At these times, the beauty of this stark and dramatic location can be enjoyed by anyone minded to make the walk from Kimmeridge. I arrived shortly before sunset and made several images in a frantic rush to take advantage of the good light. </p> Image 'Bryce under snow' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=225; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=225;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101007.jpg" alt="Bryce under snow" /></a><p>A recent fall of snow contrasts with the delicate pinks and reds of the sandstone formations of Bryce Canyon, giving this strange landscape a fairytale look. </p> Image 'Donegal beach scene' added to gallery 'Rock' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=230; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=7,photo=230;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB050801001.jpg" alt="Donegal beach scene" /></a><p>Rock, sand dunes and low cloud at Annagary Strand. </p> Image 'Bois de Chênes - 1' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171109001.jpg" alt="Bois de Chênes - 1" /></a><p>I spent over three hours exploring just a small part of this magical little forest. I will return as the seasons change.</p> Image 'Bois de Chênes - 2' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171109002.jpg" alt="Bois de Chênes - 2" /></a><p>I spent over three hours exploring just a small part of this magical little forest. I will return as the seasons change.</p> Image 'Bois de Chênes - 3' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=15; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=15;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171109003.jpg" alt="Bois de Chênes - 3" /></a><p>I spent over three hours exploring just a small part of this magical little forest. I will return as the seasons change.</p> Image 'Bois de Chênes - 4' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171109004.jpg" alt="Bois de Chênes - 4" /></a><p>I spent over three hours exploring just a small part of this magical little forest. I will return as the seasons change.</p> Image 'By the Serine' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=30; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=30;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171108004.jpg" alt="By the Serine" /></a><p>Autumn serenity beside the river Serine.</p> Image 'Autumn Vista' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=31; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=31;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171110001.jpg" alt="Autumn Vista" /></a><p>I saw this scene as I was driving along the road between Bassins and Arzier. I quickly stopped in a lay-by, walked back up the road, scrambled down a steep bank and set up the camera...</p> Image 'Snowline' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=32; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=32;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171108008.jpg" alt="Snowline" /></a><p>I find the transition to and from a snow-covered landscape quite fascinating. Here the retreating snow marks the boundary between autumn and winter.</p> Image 'Beech and Larch' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=40; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=40;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161025005.jpg" alt="Beech and Larch" /></a><p>A stand of beeches in the foreground with larches behind providing a golden glow to set the composition off nicely.</p> Image 'Silver Birch Dance' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150512003.jpg" alt="Silver Birch Dance" /></a><p>A stand of silver birches appear to be caught in mid-dance as the trunks appear to move to an unheard beat.</p> Image 'Silver Birches and Heather' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150901006.jpg" alt="Silver Birches and Heather" /></a><p>Millstone Edge, not far from the village of Hathersage, is a noted local beauty spot and in high summer the moorland puts on a great show of purple and green.</p> Image 'Bolehill Birches' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150903007.jpg" alt="Bolehill Birches" /></a><p>The quarry at Bolehill was apparently used to supply the stone for the dam that created the Derwent reservoir - the very same one that 617 Squadron used to practice for one of the most audacious bombing raids of the Second World War.<br /><br />These days the quarry is overgrown with silver birch, grass and bracken but the quarry face and workings are still clearly visible.</p> Image 'Bolehill Quarry Birches' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150904002.jpg" alt="Bolehill Quarry Birches" /></a><p>The quarry at Bolehill was apparently used to supply the stone for the dam that created the Derwent reservoir - the very same one that 617 Squadron used to practice for one of the most audacious bombing raids of the Second World War.<br /><br />These days the quarry is overgrown with silver birch and bracken.</p> Image 'Hidden larch' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141028002.jpg" alt="Hidden larch" /></a><p>I loved how this little larch was peeking out from behind the framing trees.</p> Image 'Mountain Light' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141028007.jpg" alt="Mountain Light" /></a><p>My exploration of the margins of Lake Derborence brought me to a marshy area by a stream. I spent a while photographing this stand of willow trees with their attractive leaves but my favourite image is this one where light reflected off the mountainside behind makes its way through the foliage in this shady spot.</p> Image 'Vosges Woodland' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141115016.jpg" alt="Vosges Woodland" /></a><p>Autumn colour in the Vosges mountains.</p> Image 'Last Leaves of Autumn' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=118; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=118;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141120045.jpg" alt="Last Leaves of Autumn" /></a><p>As I was walking away from the gorge I saw this small tree with remnants of autumn foliage adorning the skeletal branches.</p> Image 'Les Usses' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=130; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=130;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140418016.jpg" alt="Les Usses" /></a><p>A short (barely 40km) tributary of the mighty Rhône, this little glacier-fed river runs down a picturesque course bordered by forest.</p> Image 'Anonymous woodland' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131022014.jpg" alt="Anonymous woodland" /></a><p>An anonymous patch of scruffy woodland rendered eerily claustrophobic by rain and bare branches.</p> Image 'Larch colours' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131023001.jpg" alt="Larch colours" /></a><p>Larches in different stages of autumn colour, near the top of the Ofenpass in the Engadine region of Switzerland.</p> Image 'Autumn larch' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131023005.jpg" alt="Autumn larch" /></a><p>A small stand of larches in Switzerland's remote Val Müstair show off their autumn colours.</p> Image 'Wild garlic and beech' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130505001.jpg" alt="Wild garlic and beech" /></a><p>I am lucky in that I work close to a large recreational area, part of which is woodland, Not only that, but as spring progressed, I was pleased to see that the area was carpeted with wild garlic! I bided my time until it came into bloom...</p> Image 'Hawthorn and silver birch' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130511002.jpg" alt="Hawthorn and silver birch" /></a><p>Foliage in the rain acquires an almost luminous quality which serves to enhance how the hawthorn blossom contrasts with the stark silver birch, creating a graphically abstract image.</p> Image 'Misty forest' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=170; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=170;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130330016.jpg" alt="Misty forest" /></a><p>Whilst trying to pin down an elusive set of cascades on the river Verneau, I found myself driving down a narrow road which quickly became a track and ended in a small parking area marked 'only for hunters'. Considering myself something of a 'hunter' (strictly of potential images, not furry quadrupeds!) I stopped and went to explore...</p> Image 'Bolle di Magadino - 1' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130310007.jpg" alt="Bolle di Magadino - 1" /></a><p>Leaving my hotel, I looked towards the other side of the lake and noticed some low mist hanging over this small area of wetland at the northern end of Lago Maggiore. However, the curse of the landscape photographer struck again and by the time I arrived the mist had dispersed. Not one to let a photographic opportunity go to waste, I shot a couple of sheets of film anyway. I was experimenting with out-of-focus effects and rather liked the look of the blurred highlights.</p> Image 'Bolle di Magadino - 2' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130310008.jpg" alt="Bolle di Magadino - 2" /></a><p>More from the wetland and nature reserve at the northern end of Lago Maggiore. This time I chose to place the focus on the foreground shrub and let the trees go defocussed for a slightly ghostly effect.</p> Image 'Beech bough and white water' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB121104005.jpg" alt="Beech bough and white water" /></a><p>I enjoy the challenge of seeking out images which elevate the ordinary into something special and I feel I have succeeded in this simple scene of a beech bough in front of the river Doubs.</p> Image 'Trembling Aspens' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=195; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=195;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120920014.jpg" alt="Trembling Aspens" /></a><p>Conveniently located adjacent to an overlook, these aspens at Medicine Lake contrasted perfectly with the blue of the water and the distant shore.</p> Image 'Undergrowth' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120920003.jpg" alt="Undergrowth" /></a><p>A larch and some colourful indigenous undergrowth proved irresistible.</p> Image 'Colourful bush' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=205; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=205;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120922003.jpg" alt="Colourful bush" /></a><p>One thing that has to be said for the Canadian Rockies (well, apart from the obvious) is that the local flora is a lot more attractively coloured than we are accustomed to seeing in Europe. <br /><br /> This little shrub was proudly showing off a stunning array of autumn colour. I fancy it <em>knew</em> it was being photographed...</p> Image 'Wildflower meadow and forest' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=210; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=210;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120922008.jpg" alt="Wildflower meadow and forest" /></a><p>En route to Mt. Robson we spotted this beautiful meadow on the margins of a forest of bizarrely-shaped conifers. It was attractively backlit which made the colours stand out all the more.</p> Image 'Undergrowth' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=215; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=215;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120520001.jpg" alt="Undergrowth" /></a><p>I came to this forest to photograph trees but the light wasn't quite right for that so I started exploring what was at my feet. <br /><br /> In the end, I spent around two hours photographing in a two square-metre part of the forest floor, making three images - two of which have made it to my portfolio.</p> Image 'Ferns' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=220; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=220;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120520003.jpg" alt="Ferns" /></a><p>I simply could not resist making an image of these lovely little ferns, despite the challenging dappled light coming through the trees. Eventually, I resorted to fixing a white plastic groundsheet between two saplings to get some workable diffused light.</p> Image 'Vortex' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=225; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=225;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120408012.jpg" alt="Vortex" /></a><p>Blackthorn and bramble combine with ivy to make a 'tunnel' or 'vortex' to a patch of wasteground beyond. More fancifully, I like to think of it as a portal to a parallel universe.</p> Image 'Dead tree with lichen' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=230; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=230;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120409010.jpg" alt="Dead tree with lichen" /></a><p>This mossy tree stood out, defiant, against the lichen-choked saplings beyond.</p> Image 'Lone tree' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=235; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=235;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111031004.jpg" alt="Lone tree" /></a><p>I had high hopes of a misty sunrise as I crested the Col de la Tourne but, although the mist in the valley was holding on, at higher levels it had all been burned away by the sun. Almost. The last vestiges served to simplify the background and help this wonderful tree stand out in the morning light.</p> Image 'Pfynwald ' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=240; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=240;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101022001.jpg" alt="Pfynwald " /></a><p>This small area of wetland in the midst of the Pfynwald (Forêt de Finges) provided me with an interesting, if difficult, subject. The difficulties lay with access to the few unobstructed vantage points and in framing the composition so as to avoid some rather inconveniently-located power cables.</p> Image 'Dancing birches' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=245; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=245;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101022002.jpg" alt="Dancing birches" /></a><p>These birches seemed to me to be dancing a wild tango whilst the more straight-laced pines look on, disapprovingly....</p> Image 'Last light, Lac de Narlay' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=255; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=255;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB100410005.jpg" alt="Last light, Lac de Narlay" /></a><p>I completed my photographic tour of Les Quatre Lacs with a trip to the Lac de Narlay, hoping to use the sparse reedbeds in a composition. That didn't work out but this one did.... </p> Image 'Neighbouring larches' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=260; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=260;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001001.jpg" alt="Neighbouring larches" /></a><p>Larches are among the very few deciduous conifers and in the Autumn they slowly turn from green to lemon yellow to brown making them some of the most spectacular of trees. For this image, I decided to concentrate on two neighbouring larches whose branches had become intertwined. </p> Image 'Forest of larch' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=265; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=265;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001010.jpg" alt="Forest of larch" /></a><p>A forest of larch provides a magnificent display of Autumn colour. </p> Image 'Autumn colour' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=270; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=270;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091031005.jpg" alt="Autumn colour" /></a><p>The tree-lined lower slopes of the limestone cirque at Baume-les-Messieurs. </p> Image 'Val Dessous' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=275; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=275;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091001004.jpg" alt="Val Dessous" /></a><p>The valley below Les Cascades de l'Hérisson is full of wetland vegetation. Making sense of this natural complexity proved to be an intriguing photographic challenge. </p> Image 'Vallée de Nozon' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=280; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=280;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB081101007.jpg" alt="Vallée de Nozon" /></a><p>Climbing out of the deep ravine that forms this part of the Vallée du Nozon, I looked back to see this wonderfully soft Autumnal scene of beautifully-coloured beeches. The fast descending mist added its own special touch... </p> Image 'Gorges du Pichoux' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=285; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=285;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080501002.jpg" alt="Gorges du Pichoux" /></a><p>The Gorges du Pichoux was cut by the Sorne river as it traversed an outcrop of Jura limestone. Towards the bottom of the gorge is a large wooded area, criss-crossed by streams and waterfalls. This weathered and dilapidated old footbridge drew my attention immediately and I felt it had to be the centrepiece of an image of sylvan beauty. </p> Image 'Dead trees and grass' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=290; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=290;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101003.jpg" alt="Dead trees and grass" /></a><p>On the Kolob Terrace to the west of Zion Canyon, I came across this strange field with its skeletal trees poking out of the long grass. </p> Image 'Magadino Nature Reserve' added to gallery ' Forests, woods and trees' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=295; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=8,photo=295;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB080301004.jpg" alt="Magadino Nature Reserve" /></a><p>In the northern-eastern corner of Lake Maggiore, lies a small nature reserve. This area of marsh is a reminder of how the lake must have looked before it was developed as a holiday resort. It is a fascinating area, full of photographic possibilities. I spent a sunset and sunrise the following day there, recording its quiet beauty. </p> Image 'Roseg Glacier' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=30; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=30;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171101003.jpg" alt="Roseg Glacier" /></a><p>It was long hike to get to this point - around 20km there and back - but it was worth it. The deeply sad aspect to this is the evidence of glacial retreat with the bare moraine (the ground-up rock left behind by a glacier) clearly marking the relatively recent extent of the glacier.</p> Image 'Val Roseg' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=31; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=31;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171101005.jpg" alt="Val Roseg" /></a><p>It was a long hike with a heavy camera-pack to reach this spot but the view to the distant peaks made it all worthwhile.</p> Image 'Snowline' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=32; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=32;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB171110003.jpg" alt="Snowline" /></a><p>I find the transition to and from a snow-covered landscape quite fascinating. Here remnants of recent snow create patterns on the high pasture.</p> Image 'Larch and Dolomites' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161026006.jpg" alt="Larch and Dolomites" /></a><p>The Dolomites are full of spectacular mountains but, due to an unfortunate tripod breakage, I was limited to handheld grab-shots on this visit. I will be back...</p> Image 'Glacier du Trient' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141027004.jpg" alt="Glacier du Trient" /></a><p>I made a slightly different version of this composition on my first visit to this beautiful alpine valley in the Spring of 2014 and it was always my intention to return when autumn colours make the mountainsides appear to glow yellow.</p> Image 'Glacier du Trient' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140531018.jpg" alt="Glacier du Trient" /></a><p>Just one more retreating Alpine glacier. Fifty years ago, the snout of the glacier came down to the valley just above the treeline. No longer.</p> Image 'Mt. Blanc from Emosson' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140601031.jpg" alt="Mt. Blanc from Emosson" /></a><p>Clear conditions meant that the summit of Europe's highest mountain was clearly visible. An idea of scale: my location was at about 2000m however the summit of Mt. Blanc is a more than twice that height.</p> Image 'Last of the winter snow' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=120; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=120;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130511013.jpg" alt="Last of the winter snow" /></a><p>Spectacular images of soaring peaks are something of a Swiss cliché so I wanted to make a more prosaic image that reflected the day-to-day reality of living in the high Alps. I was perched on a low berm, created to provide avalanche protection for the nearby community of La Fouly. To my right, a football pitch had been scraped out of the landscape.</p> Image 'Moraine and meltwater' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131024005.jpg" alt="Moraine and meltwater" /></a><p>Alarmingly, I could not have made an image at this spot just three years ago since it would have been under several metres of ice. In this short time, the Morteratsch glacier has retreated roughly 150m. If you want to see it, go soon before it disappears for good.</p> Image 'Morteratsch glacier' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=130; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=130;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131024001.jpg" alt="Morteratsch glacier" /></a><p>The rapidly retreating Morteratsch glacier. Signs along the the path indicate where the glacier came to at ten-year intervals from 1900. Back then, you could alight from the train at Morteratsch and take a short stroll to the glacier. Nowadays you must hike nearly 3km.</p> Image 'Alpine larch forest' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=135; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=135;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131022001.jpg" alt="Alpine larch forest" /></a><p>Looking down the lower Val Trupchun towards S-Chanf and the peaks on the opposite side of the Inn valley.</p> Image 'Looking towards the Val Müstair' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=140; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=140;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131021028.jpg" alt="Looking towards the Val Müstair" /></a><p>The view from the top of the Ofenpass. This is the only direct link between the remote Val Müstair and the rest of Switzerland. Other routes involve long detours through either Italy or Austria.</p> Image 'Dawn over Moraine Lake' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=145; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=145;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120915001.jpg" alt="Dawn over Moraine Lake" /></a><p>This image is from the first dawn shoot of the trip, at Moraine Lake. A well-known beauty spot, certainly, but magnificently scenic nonetheless.</p> Image 'Borrowdale' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=150; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=150;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111118002.jpg" alt="Borrowdale" /></a><p>The view across Borrowdale in England's Lake District.</p> Image 'Sunlit Uplands' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=155; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=155;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111015026.jpg" alt="Sunlit Uplands" /></a><p>Returning from a hike to the Ducantal (the valley pictured), I turned to look back at the spot I'd just hiked to and was pleased to see the mountainside beautifully lit up by the low sun.<br /><br />I just had to get the camera out again... </p> Image 'Larches and an Alp' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=160; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=160;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB111015021.jpg" alt="Larches and an Alp" /></a><p>I do my best to avoid obvious views but sometimes my resistance just crumbles and I have to succumb to temptation...</p> Image 'Val d'Arolla' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=165; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=165;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101023005.jpg" alt="Val d'Arolla" /></a><p>Arolla is a small ski-resort at the end of a side-valley of the Val d'Hérens, itself a side valley of the Rhône Valley. <br /><br /> I tend not to shoot such obviously beautiful scenes, preferring instead more subtle beauty but even I couldn't resist this - especially when I could shoot from the relative comfort of a hotel carpark and pop in for a coffee afterwards.</p> Image 'Newlands Valley' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=170; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=170;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB091128009.jpg" alt="Newlands Valley" /></a><p>I don't really do scenics but sometimes even I can't resist. This is Newlands Valley on a windy and showery day from the ridge up to the summit of Catbells. </p> Image 'The view from the Creux du Van' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=175; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=175;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB090801004.jpg" alt="The view from the Creux du Van" /></a><p>The Creux du Van is a vast natural amphitheatre of limestone, created as a result of geological faulting. Standing at the edge of a sheer cliff at dawn as the light slowly grew in intensity and looking at this impressive view was a special experience - and one which I hope my image evokes. </p> Image 'Bryce at dawn' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=180; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=180;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101006.jpg" alt="Bryce at dawn" /></a><p>The sheer other-worldliness of the landscape of Bryce Canyon gives the place a very special atmosphere and at no time is this atmosphere more tangible than at dawn. The way the sun slowly reveals this awe-inspiring sight, whilst all around is reverently silent, is an experience that stays in the mind. I like to think that this image captures a little of that feeling... </p> Image 'Horseshoe Bend' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=185; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=185;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101005.jpg" alt="Horseshoe Bend" /></a><p>Near Page, Arizona the Colorado River makes a tight bend underneath 100m cliffs. A favourite spot for photgraphers, the overlook has a scary unguarded drop right down to the river. This is not a place for vertigo sufferers... </p> Image 'Dawn over Monument Valley' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=190; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=190;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101009.jpg" alt="Dawn over Monument Valley" /></a><p>For some pictures you have to trek miles through desert and wilderness, while others are just there for the taking. <br /><br /> This was shot from the balcony of my hotel room in Monument Valley.... </p> Image 'John Ford's Point' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=195; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=195;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB061101004.jpg" alt="John Ford's Point" /></a><p>The rock formations of Monument Valley are well-known to lovers of Westerns. This is the aptly-named John Ford's Point. </p> Image 'Fishing boats at dawn' added to gallery 'Vistas' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=200; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=9,photo=200;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB060501001.jpg" alt="Fishing boats at dawn" /></a><p>A group of fishing boats awaits early-morning fishermen on the Silsersee. </p> Image 'Backlit Archway' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161028007.jpg" alt="Backlit Archway" /></a><p>It was a clear sunny day when I visited Assisi and the strong light made photography difficult. Just occasionally, the opportunity to use that harsh light to my advantage arose.</p> Image 'Steps' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161029009.jpg" alt="Steps" /></a><p>Another well-photographed scene but the interlocking shapes were simply irresistible.</p> Image 'Abandoned Chapel' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=15; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=15;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161030014.jpg" alt="Abandoned Chapel" /></a><p>The interior of an abandoned chapel in the Tuscan countryside.</p> Image 'Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (interior)' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161030015.jpg" alt="Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (interior)" /></a><p>Part of the southern Tuscany 'tourist trail', certainly, but deservedly so. This simple abbey has a pared-down beauty with its austere Romanesque architecture and this means it is another well-photographed location. </br></br> The interior has a simple purity about it with only the carved capitals of the columns providing any ornamentation. In addition to that, I was keen to capture the gentle quality of light that filled the space.</p> Image 'Abandoned Farm Building ' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161031020.jpg" alt="Abandoned Farm Building " /></a><p>Many old farmhouses and barns have been 'gentrified' and are now used as holiday homes - we stayed in one such - but there are still old, abandoned farmhouses to be found. They are intriguing places, full of atmosphere.</p> Image 'Buoy zone' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=100; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=100;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131208001.jpg" alt="Buoy zone" /></a><p>Three colourful buoys stored on the foreshore at Priest Cove.</p> Image 'Memento mori' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=105; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=105;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB131209003.jpg" alt="Memento mori" /></a><p>A fish skeleton (possibly a dogfish) washed up on the shingle beach at Cadgwith Cove.</p> Image 'Concrete dam, Le Châtelot' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=110; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=110;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB121103004.jpg" alt="Concrete dam, Le Châtelot" /></a><p>In all my visits to the Gorges du Doubs I have so far shied away from making images of the brutal curtain-wall dam holding back the Lac du Moron at Le Châtelot. This is partly because it's not very attractive but mainly because, up until now, I couldn't find a way of making an interesting image of it.</p> Image 'Disused cement works' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=115; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=115;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120219001.jpg" alt="Disused cement works" /></a><p>The Gole di Breggia (gorge of the river Breggia) is an area of outstandingly beautiful rock formations in southern Switzerland which has been made into a geological park. So it's quite a shock to find a partially-demolished cement works adjacent to the main point of access. <br /><br /> The owners, Swiss concrete manufacturer Holcim, have decided that, rather than eradicate it completely, it would be better (cheaper, presumably) to leave it as a shell and turn it into a "tourist attraction". Still, it makes a great photographic subject and I spent a while one Sunday exploring it. <br /><br /> Here, I particularly enjoyed the geometric layout of the various parts of the structure.</p> Image 'Disused cement works' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=120; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=120;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120219003.jpg" alt="Disused cement works" /></a><p>The Gole di Breggia (gorge of the river Breggia) is an area of outstandingly beautiful rock formations in southern Switzerland which has been made into a geological park. So it's quite a shock to find a partially-demolished cement works adjacent to the main point of access. <br /><br /> The owners, Swiss concrete manufacturer Holcim, have decided that, rather than eradicate it completely, it would be better (cheaper, presumably) to leave it as a shell and turn it into a "tourist attraction". Still, it makes a great photographic subject and I spent a while one Sunday exploring it. <br /><br /> This image shows what is left of the support buttresses of the main hall.</p> Image 'Disused cement works' added to gallery 'Miscellaneous' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=125; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=10,photo=125;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120219008.jpg" alt="Disused cement works" /></a><p>The Gole di Breggia (gorge of the river Breggia) is an area of outstandingly beautiful rock formations in southern Switzerland which has been made into a geological park. So it's quite a shock to find a partially-demolished cement works adjacent to the main point of access. <br /><br /> The owners, Swiss concrete manufacturer Holcim, have decided that, rather than eradicate it completely, it would be better (cheaper, presumably) to leave it as a shell and turn it into a "tourist attraction". Still, it makes a great photographic subject and I spent a while one Sunday exploring it. <br /><br /> I was intrigued by the way this spade had been left leaning against the wall...</p> Image 'Larch and lichen' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=5; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=5;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB101023007.jpg" alt="Larch and lichen" /></a><p>A rather complex composition but unavoidable if I was to capture this lichen-coated larch with its remaining needles on the turn. <br /><br /> Including some context provides a framework for the chaotic nature of the tree branches whilst presenting a contrast of straight and flowing lines.</p> Image 'Autumn Reflections' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=10; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=10;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB151101001.jpg" alt="Autumn Reflections" /></a><p>Days where the sky is entirely cloudless are a landscape photographer's recurrent nightmare. On this unexpectedly warm day in early November, I had to look hard for something that would work in the 'terrible' conditions.</p> Image 'Heather, Limestone and Pig Wire' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=15; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=15;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150904004.jpg" alt="Heather, Limestone and Pig Wire" /></a><p>A roll of abandoned pig wire fencing might seem a strange subject amongst the beauty of Surprise View but it's a reminder that this seemingly natural landscape is entirely manmade - heather being one of the few plants that can resist heavy grazing by sheep. Left to its own devices, the area would eventually revert to forest.</p> Image 'Goyt Valley Detail' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=20; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=20;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB150829004.jpg" alt="Goyt Valley Detail" /></a><p>The Goyt Valley is something of a hidden treasure, tucked away near the top of the Cant and Fiddle pass. In high summer, with the heather in full bloom, it's a lovely place to be. Or at least it would be but for the irritating midges and mosquitoes...</p> Image 'Birch' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=25; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=25;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB141116032.jpg" alt="Birch" /></a><p>I love chaotic scenes where there are elements which provide a measure of order. Like here where the crossed fallen branches frame the chaos of this stand of birch trees.</p> Image 'Beside the Doubs' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=30; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=30;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140421007.jpg" alt="Beside the Doubs" /></a><p>Looking across the river Doubs, towards France. Near the hydro-electric installation at La Goule.</p> Image 'Valley' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=35; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=35;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB140418002.jpg" alt="Valley" /></a><p>Stopping for a 'natural break' as I was driving towards Bellegarde, I was suddenly taken by the view across the valley. I just had to rush back to the car and grab the camera... </p> Image 'Mixed foliage' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=40; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=40;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130511003.jpg" alt="Mixed foliage" /></a><p>It was the patterns of the branches, the interplay of light and shade and the abstract blocks of colour that fascinated here. I set up the large-format camera but couldn't make a workable composition. It needed the longer reach of my digital camera's telephoto lens to flatten perspective and really bring out the textures and patterns.</p> Image 'Fallen pine' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=45; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=45;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB130510013.jpg" alt="Fallen pine" /></a><p>If a tree falls in the forest… What started as an exercise in framing an intimate composition with a wide-angle lens resulted in my favourite image of the trip. The fresh spring colours contrasts with the decaying tree, providing an underlying narrative of rebirth.</p> Image 'The Fallen' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=50; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=50;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120915007.jpg" alt="The Fallen" /></a><p>Tree-trunks, swept down by the forces of nature make interesting patterns as they slowly descend to the river below.</p> Image 'Endurance' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=55; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=55;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB120519001.jpg" alt="Endurance" /></a><p>Butterbur, or 'bog rhubarb', are fascinating plants. Colonising river-margins and marshes, they are dramatic and highly photogenic.<br /> <br />I was particularly taken by this lone example, enduring the constant onslaught of fast-flowing water. </p> Image 'Woodpile' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=60; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=60;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB110710041.jpg" alt="Woodpile" /></a><p>Moving in close to one of the piles of thinned-put branches makes for an intriguing study in ordered chaos.</p> Image ''The Clump'' added to gallery '-- Temporary dumping ground' http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=65; <a href="http://quiet-light.com/photo.php?gallery=99,photo=65;"><img src="http://quiet-light.com/imgs/thumbs/JRB161104012.jpg" alt="'The Clump'" /></a><p>A famous and much-photographed 'clump' of cypresses in the Val d'Orcia. I was here previously in 2005 when I was the only photographer there but that was before photo-sharing on the Internet really took off. Now, at peak times, you almost have to jostle other photographers just to get tripod space...</p>